(Warning: NSFW. Game contains R18+ content)

Silver in the Sky: Amulet is a chance-based card combat game with erotic elements and a sci-fi setting.

Follow the adventures of Arya, a member of the Silver Girls, an organization of space rangers exclusively composed of young attractive women dedicated to ass kicking and universal justice.

Trained to channel heightened libido into extra energy during combat, the Silver rangers are always excited to engage in all sorts of action oriented situations.

Silver in the Sky: Amulet is the first release in a series of games based on the Spicy Universe, a detailed sci-fi game setting with its own worlds, species, lore and abundant lewdness!


  • Casual and engaging card combat gameplay
  • Short and instantly fun, perfect for the time constrained
  • Lighthearted and lewd narrative
  • Explicit sex scenes
  • Full HD art
  • Gallery of unlocked scenes
  • Deck of 40 cards
  • Strategy selector lets the player influence the type of cards dealt
  • Small install size and low system requirements

If you enjoy the demo, please consider buying the full version to continue the adventure, unlock all lewd images and support development of more games in the Spicy Universe! Thanks!


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found some gameplay

Coolness :)

Also had a black screen after winning the first battle (after first retry).  This is for the downloadable version

Looking into this now

AH, good !

Deleted post

Can you please tell me which OS you have and is it 32 or 64 bit?
Also, what resolution are you running on?

Had the program crash when my health was exactly 0.

It wasn't actually a crash - just couldn't do anything...

Might be related to the retry issue, will look into it as well